ProfiUK is all about the user

In a busy workshop, precise information is required immediately. In a demanding head office, accurate, timely answers are crucial.

ProfiUK has been designed with exactly that in mind. The choices you need. The solution you need.

Your accounts team will benefit from massively reduced invoice numbers and a huge decrease in the administration time and cost required.


Users can be limited to certain features and restricted to chosen depots if required

2Ease of use

Parts can be booked in and checked out via the online portal or android App

3 Reporting

Advanced reports can be generated for part movements, stock quantities and orders with various filtering criteria


Designed for used with barcode scanners to speed up parts receipt and dispatch


Order quantities can be accurately tracked, showing discrepancies or changes, and who edited the order


Stock can be automatically ordered once the pre-set minimum levels have been reached

7Online access

Stock management is not restricted to a certain PC or device, users can login from anywhere


The portal can be branded to reflect your company logo and colours

Profi in Action

We would love to show you Profi in action.
In around 15 minutes we can introduce you to Profi and give you a gauge of how it might fit in to your business.

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The HTS managed stock system just saves so much time. It aids the smooth running of the depot because the parts are there as you need them. It removes the responsibility of having to purchase them!